All the classes and dances will be held in the South Wedge neighborhood of Rochester, NY, within walking distance of The Historic German House (315 Gregory St, Rochester NY 14620), where the evening dances will be held.


Previous years have included classes in topics such as Charleston, Black Bottom, tap, classic jazz routines, musicality, improvisation, body awareness, and other dance styles relating to vernacular jazz.

Please note that classes at Stompology are not "tracked"; you are welcome to attend classes at multiple levels. Levels are provided to give you a guideline for difficulty so that you may have the best dance experience possible at the event.

[ALL] Level: Intended to have material to benefit dancers of every level, from first timer to seasoned pro.

Novice [N]: No dance experience required. These classes will start at the foundations of solo jazz and help you build body awareness and vocabulary. Familiarity with solo jazz and swing dancing will be helpful but is not required.

Intermediate [I]: Some experience necessary. A basic knowledge of solo jazz vocabulary and some prior experience with solo jazz and/or lindy hop is needed. These classes will focus on expanding your dance repertoire and building your creativity, musicality, and technique.

Advanced [A]: Considerable experience required. Students should have a solid knowledge of solo jazz vocabulary and strong prior dance skills. These classes may be more physically demanding. Teachers will move more quickly through material and focus on advanced concepts and techniques with the intent of challenging advanced dancers.



7pm Doors Open
7:30–8:40 Class
8:45–12:30 Dance and preliminary competitions
1am Late Night


10:30–1:50pm Classes
Lunch break
3pm–5:40 Classes
Dinner break
8–9pm Introductory Lindy Hop class
9pm–12:30 Dance and final competitions
1am Late Night


10am–1:40pm Classes
Lunch break
3pm–5:40 Classes
5:40–8:30 Dinner dance