• Prior Beach Party Venue Evening

    2015's Beautiful Beach Party Venue. Photo by Bobby Bonsey.

  • Late Night Music

    Musicians perform at a late night house party. Photo by Bobby Bonsey.

  • Students Practicing

    Students in class at Stompology X. Photo by Bobby Bonsey.

  • Laura Glaess Teaches

    Laura Glaess teaches during Stompology X. Photo by Bobby Bonsey.

  • Students and Teachers Dancing

    Students and teachers social dancing at Stompology X. Photo by Bobby Bonsey.

Stompology 2021 Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Posted April 19, 2021


When Stompology had to be cancelled last year, we hoped that the spring of 2021 would be a safe time to host the event again. Unfortunately, that isn't the case just yet. We have a lot of hope for Stompology 2022, after vaccines have become more widely available, travel restrictions are lessened, and larger events can once again be safe to attend. Until we're able to host all of you again, please continue to support your local jazz musicians and dance instructors. We look forward to dancing with you once it's safe, and we know that the first Stompology back will be a special event for all of us.

-The Stompology Team