Solo Jazz Competitions

The solo jazz competitions provide an opportunity for everyone at Stompology's evening social dances to celebrate jazz dance by witnessing competitors immerse themselves in a magical blend of improv, performance art, and jam-style collaboration. We celebrate uniqueness, individuality, and the relatedness that comes from sharing inspiration with your fellow dancers! In this, we honor historical jazz roots and aim to offer a setting in which dancers can push the edge of our collective jazz dance creation.

Registration fee: $15.

Competitors are judged individually. Please choose only one division to participate in: Open or Advanced. The Advanced division is intended for dancers who regularly compete or perform solo jazz at national and regional events around the world.

Open Division: Prelims and finals on Friday.
Advanced Division: Prelims, if needed, on Friday. Semifinals and finals on Saturday.

Prelims (to DJed music) will be all-skate format. Finals (to live music) will be modified spotlight format. More details will be provided to competitors at the competitors meetings.

Cash and dance pass prizes will be awarded to the top three places in each division.


O-Town Showdown, March 6-8, 2020