Our main venue for the weekend will be the Historic German House, 315 Gregory Street.

Additional classroom venue for the weekend is the St. Boniface Church, 330 Gregory Street.

Below, classes are rated with a 1, 2, or 3, with 1 being most-beginner and 3 being most-advanced. Advanced classes move at a faster pace and present more challenging material. If it is known ahead of time that a routine will be taught in class, it is labeled R.

Please be aware the schedule is subject to change.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Beginner Jazz Vocab with Tasha [1]

Brand new to solo dancing? Know some steps but not their names? Want a refresher on the fundamentals? Tasha will start from the very beginning with some basic jazz vocabulary to get you prepped for the weekend.
Location: German House 63 Room

Charleston Movement with Skye [2]

Start the weekend off with some exercises and inspiration to bring to your solo Charleston!
Location: German House Ballroom


Dance with Naomi & Her Handsome Devils

Band starts at 9:00.
Location: German House Ballroom


Late Night

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Warm up Your Dancing Body with Caroline [1]

Begin the day off with some stretches and easy movement with PT Caroline McBride. Bring a yoga mat if you have one!


Powerhouses of Jazz with Tasha and Anais [3]

In this class, Tasha and Anais will focus on the stylings of the great jazz dancers Marie Bryant & Katherine Dunham.
Location: German House Ballroom

Riffing & Building Phrases with Peter [2]

Bring your vocabulary of steps, and we'll build fluent phrases.
Location: St. Boniface

Beginner Tap with Andrew [1]

In this class, Andrew will introduce you to some tap fundamentals and then help you develop practice habits by guiding you to build your own steps. Tap shoes optional; hard soles recommended.
Location: 63 Room


Fast Solo Jazz Routine with Skye [2, R]

Get ready to sweat as you learn a fast paced routine with Skye!
Location: German House Ballroom

Intro to House Dance with Tasha [1]

Let's broaden your concept of solo movement with this emotive, energetic dance! Birthed in the underground dance scene in the late 70's, House Dance is a beautiful amalgamation of rhythm, movement & creative expression. We will explore the foundations of House in The Jack, Footwork & Lofting. Athletic shoes recommended. Bring Water!
Location: St. Boniface

Express Yourself! with Andrew [3]

Calling all advanced hoofers: in this class we'll think beyond technique to develop your tap improvisation.
Location: 63 Room


Lunch Break
See food map for recommendations.


Creating Steps with Skye [1]

Think beyond your ABCs and develop your own solo jazz steps and combos.
Location: German House Ballroom

The Second Half of the Big Apple with Peter [2, R]

Have you ever ducked out of the Big Apple when the circle becomes a line? This class picks up where your memory left off!
Location: St. Boniface

Tops & Wilda Tranky Doo with Anais [2, R]

Al & Leon weren't the only ones Tranky Doo-ing it! Step back in time to learn Tops & Wilda's take on this classic.
Location: 63 Room


Moderated Discussion:
Context, Culture, and the Evolution of Solo Jazz Dance
with Tasha, Anais, Skye, & Swifty

Moderated by Ryan Swift, panelists will share their insights into the historic origins and evolving cultural roles of jazz music and dance—from its roots as a reaction to oppression to a tool of integration—and to delve into its sometimes-fraught contemporary role as the centerpiece of a diverse, world-wide jazz dance community. (This discussion will be streamed live.)
Location: German House Ballroom

Time Steps with Andrew [2]

As a tap dancer you get to be both a dancer and a musician; in this class we'll work on Time Steps so you can keep the metronome going in a variety of ways! Location: St. Boniface


Dance with Naomi & Her Handsome Devils

Band starts at 9:00.
Location: German House Ballroom


Late Night 

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Taking Care of Your Dancing Body (II) with Caroline [1]

Loosen up your muscles for your long day of dancing, and learn a few tips for taking care of your feet, legs, and dancing bodies. Recommended: bring a yoga mat.
Location: German House Ballroom


The Uptown Shuffle with Peter [2]

Come learn Peter's own Jazz line dance, choreographed with Naomi Uyama!
Location: German House Ballroom

Put Your Body In It! with Tasha [2]

Learn to manipulate your weight for spins, slides, and drags to enhance your expression. Location: 63 Room

Pedagogy Discussion with Andrew [1]

Bring your breakfast and join our resident TED Fellow for an engaging discussion of dance & tap pedagogy. (Check our food map for suggestions of where to find breakfast!) Location: Highland Room


Slow Jazz Routine with Skye [2]

Get in the groove as you learn a slow-tempo routine from Skye.
Location: German House Ballroom

Dancing to Fun Music with Peter [1]

Back by popular demand! You may remember how fun this class was a couple of years ago at Stompology.
Location: St. Boniface

Focus on Dance Research: Lindy Hop through the Scope of Cultural Appropriation with Anais [1]

Anais presents some of her PhD research in a lecture and discussion.
Location: 63 Room


Lunch Break
We recommend packing a bag lunch today! There are also options in the neighborhood. See food map for recommendations.


Jam Circles with Skye and Peter [2]

Jam circles let us turn solo movement into a shared movement of inspiration and celebration of the music.
Location: German House Ballroom

In the Pocket with Tasha [1]

Keep a groove throughout all your moves!
Location: St. Boniface

Advanced Rhythmic Training with Andrew [3]

Practice how to think about and dance complex rhythms including hemiolas and claves. Location: 63 Room


Inspiration Stations with All Teachers

For thirteen years, Stompology has been all about finding inspiration. Now let our teachers show you what & who are inspiring them!
Location: German House Ballroom


DJed music, dance, and pizza party

Bring your own dinner or share some of the pizza we're getting.  Please consider pitching in $5 to cover pizza cost.
Location: German House Ballroom


After all the dancing, hang out at The Playhouse for some good ol' arcade games.