Stay tuned to this page as the 2018 schedule develops and more information is added.
In the meantime, get to know what types of classes are offered by having a look at last year's schedule.

Our main venue for the weekend will be the Historic German House, 315 Gregory Street.

Additional venues for the weekend are St. Boniface Church, 330 Gregory Street and Ashford Ballet Studio, 700 South Clinton Ave.

Please be aware the schedule is subject to change.

Friday, June 2, 2017


Beginner Jazz Vocab with Falty

Brand new to solo dancing? Know some steps but not their names? Want a refresher on the fundamentals? Falty will start from the very beginning with some basic jazz vocabulary to get you prepped for the weekend. Location: German House Ballroom

Charleston Movement with Erin

Start the weekend off with some exercises and inspiration to bring to your solo Charleston! Location: German House 63 Room


Dance with The Vintage Jazz Collective
(band starts at 9:00) Location: German House Ballroom

12:30-whenever Late Night

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Duncan & Dunham Inspiration with Erin

Drawing on material and theory from Isadora Duncan and Katherine Dunham, Erin will guide you to explore free and natural body movement. Location: German House Ballroom

Jazz Steps with Nathan

Technique, timing, and movement in jazz steps! Location: St. Boniface

Tap Rudiments with Andrew

In this class, Andrew will introduce you to some tap fundamentals and then help you develop practice habits by guiding you to build your own steps. Location: Ashford Studio


Rhythmic Accuracy with Andrew & Marie

Can you hear your jazz while you dance? Do your rhythms fit in with a metronome? Practice rhythmic accuracy, whether you can hear your feet making sounds or you are scatting along. Location: German House Ballroom

Nicholas Brothers with Nathan

Learn to style your dancing like the Nicholas Brothers! Nathan will break down some of their classic jazz steps and add on character and flair inspired by these iconic dancers. Don't worry, no jumps off tables into splits will be performed. Location: St. Boniface

The Best Things Come in 3's with Falty

Musicality! Practice using rhythms in groups of threes in a music based on fours. Location: Ashford Studio


Lunch Buffet
Location: St. Boniface


Taking Care of Your Dancing Body (I) with Caroline

Learn some tips for taking care of your feet, legs, and dancing bodies from PT Caroline! Recommended: bring a yoga mat. Location: German House 63 Room


Charleston & Black Bottom with Marie

It's the bee's knees! Late 20s styling of dancing to Charleston music. These styles of dance are Marie's specialties! Location: German House Ballroom

The Jam Circle with Andrew

Be loud and listen! This class will explore several approaches communal tap improvisation. Location: St. Boniface

Solo Jazz Improvisation with Tasha

Listen. Agree. Create! Tools & techniques to creatively express yourself to the music, in the moment! Location: Ashford Studio

Critique with Erin & Falty

Get a few moments of personalized feedback from two of our instructors. Advance sign-up required. Location: St. Boniface


Panel: Context and Culture in Solo Jazz Dance with Falty, Swifty, Tasha & Marie

Moderated by Ryan Swift, panelists will share their insights into the historic origins and evolving cultural roles of jazz music and dance—from its roots as a reaction to oppression to a tool of integration—and to delve into its sometimes-fraught contemporary role as the centerpiece of a diverse, world-wide jazz dance community. (This discussion will be streamed live.) Location: German House Ballroom

Jazz Choreography with Nathan

Learn an original jazz routine by Nathan! He'll even discuss techniques to create choreography along the way. Location: Ashford Studio


Dance with Boilermaker Jazz Band
(band starts at 9:00) Location: German House Ballroom

12:30-whenever Late Night 

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Taking Care of Your Dancing Body (II) with Caroline

Loosen up your muscles for your long day of dancing, and learn a few tips for taking care of your feet, legs, and dancing bodies. Recommended: bring a yoga mat. Location: German House Ballroom


Slides with Marie & Falty

You'll learn to slide across the floor with control, keep your balance while your feet are sliding, and find the power in your legs and core for stable, impressive slides! Bring your slickest shoes for this one: leather soles are recommended. Location: German House Ballroom

Advanced Phrasing with Nathan

Get into the nitty-gritty of musical phrasing as a basis for more complex improvisation. Did you know that Nathan graduated from Julliard? Location: St. Boniface

Seamless Dancing with Erin

Explore the connections between moves, practice continuing lines & momentum, and find that fluid musicality. Location: Ashford Studio


Rhythm & Shape with Nathan & Andrew

Explore the dialogue between shape & rhythm: What does your body look like in space? What does it sound like through time? How do these influence each other? Location: German House Ballroom

Jazz it like Mable Lee! with Marie

Mable Lee (born 1921) is an African American tap dancer, singer, and entertainer and is known in the Lindy Hop community for her "Cat Can't Dance" performance. In this class, learn a routine inspired by her steps and personality! Location: St. Boniface

The Jazzy Island of Dr. Moreau with Falty

Let's create some full bodied creatures! Movement exploration is the name of the game. Location: Ashford Studio


Lunch Buffet
Location: St. Boniface


Articulation with Erin

Jazz dancing is much more than footwork. In this class, Erin will help you build expression in your whole body, including articulation in your spine, shoulders, and hands. Location: German House Ballroom

Intro to House Dance with Tasha

Let's broaden your concept of solo movement with this emotive, energetic dance! Birthed in the underground dance scene in the late 70's, House Dance is a beautiful amalgamation of rhythm, movement & creative expression. We will explore the foundations of House in The Jack, Footwork & Lofting. Athletic shoes recommended. Bring Water! Location: St. Boniface

Flash Steps with Andrew

Flash favorites! Practice trenches, wings, and over-the-tops with Andrew. Location: Ashford Studio

Critique with Marie & Nathan

Get a few moments of personalized feedback from two of our instructors. Advance sign-up required. Location: St. Boniface


Inspiration Stations with All Main Teachers

For twelve years, Stompology has been all about finding inspiration. Now let our teachers show you what & who are inspiring them! Location: German House Ballroom


DJed music & dance
Location: German House Ballroom