Mike Faltesek


Mike Faltesek brings to the dance floor an incredibly diverse social and performance dance talent that includes not only Lindy Hop but also Cakewalk, Black Bottom, Traditional Jazz, Tap, Charleston, Breakaway, Balboa, Big Apple, Blues and many other Authentic Jazz dances.

Mike has been dancing for almost a decade, in that time he has traveled to instruct, compete, and perform internationally. From Harlem to Los Angeles and all throughout Europe. Mike is well known for his charismatic personality, approachability and passion for the essence of Authentic Jazz dance and music. He possesses an enthusiastic ability to convey ideas and movements explicitly, making him a popular instructor wherever he goes. He teaches workshops internationally, each time leaving a lasting impression on his students.

Laura Glaess

LauraLaura grew up in a little hick town with more cows than people. It didn't have much dancing, and the only radio stations were country, rap, and country. However, she was always enchanted by the classical CDs her parents had and danced around the living room constantly.

She bumped into Lindy Hop, Swing, and Jazz ( ♥ ) in San Antonio while at Trinity University. She learned her first swingout from Mike Lenneville and Lani Steffens and, since then, has been dedicating every spare moment (and dollar) to learning more about this amazing dance. She has taught in Canada, France, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the US.

Evita Arce

EvitaEvita Arce is a Swing dance star, known internationally for her endless energy, high-flying aerials, and dynamic jazz movement. Whether she's on stage or leading a class, her vibrant persona inspires on-lookers to dance and live in the moment.

Evita played the feature Lindy Hop role in the Broadway musical "SWING!" on the 2008 Japan tour, at The California Music Circus, and at The Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. Evita also choreographed and danced for Wynton Marsalis and The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra at The Kennedy Center in DC celebrating MLK and President Obama's inauguration. Television appearances have popped up frequently since Evita, with partner Michael Jagger, advanced to finals in Las Vegas on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance -- the only Lindy Hop couple to do so. Evita choreographed for the NY Times Square production, "Sleigh Bells Swing," with George Gee's Orchestra at the Edision Ballroom.

Andrew Nemr

AndrewMentored by Gregory Hines, Andrew is considered one of the most hardworking and diverse tap dance artists today. Whether playing with Nat Adderley Jr., directing  CPD PLUS, or co-founding the  Tap Legacy™ Foundation, Inc., Andrew has garnered a reputation for impeccable musicianship and sensitivity, and respect for the craft that he loves. The artist in residence for the Quarterly Arts Soiree (QAS) at Webster Hall, Andrew received an  NEA Masterpieces: Dance Initiative Grant to reconstruct the works of classic tap dance soloists, garnering critical and popular acclaim upon their presentation in  Echoes In Time.  Collectively, Andrew's choreography and solo work has been described as "a welcome return to the elegance of simplicity and the tap dancer as maker of aural magic" (exploredance.com) and "deeply touching" (Daily Gazette).

Ramona Staffeld


Born in Ithaca, New York, Ramona was only 14 when spotted by one of the founding fathers of Lindy Hop, the late, great, Frankie Manning. Still in her early teens, Ramona went on to teach with Frankie, and eventually moved on to perform with some of the most influential lindy hop groups of the modern era: Minnie's Moochers, Mad Dog and the Silver Shadows.

Now based in Melbourne, Ramona travels to teach and dance all over the world, working with students at the Herrang dance camp in Sweden, the International Lindy Hop Championships in New York, Swing Out New Hampshire, the Melbourne Swing Festival, and beyond!


Juan Villafañe


Juan Villafañe is a benchmark in the development of dance Swing in Buenos Aires. He is a producer, choreographer and dancer who specializing in Lindy Hop, Jazz Roots, Charleston -20s and Tap among other disciplines from the Golden Age of Jazz. Juan currently divides his time between personal projects in Buenos Aires and International Workshops in USA, Europe and Asia.



Special Guest Instructor!

Graeme Guthrie


Graeme Guthrie was born in Kansas but grew up Canada as nationally competitive gymnast and martial artist. However, he found his passion in high school with Street Dance. For the last 13 years Graeme has been competing internationally Bboying and Locking, while also continuing to study from the originators of the dance.  Since 2004 Graeme has resided in Toronto as a full time Instructor, Choreographer and Stuntman. Some Stage & Film credits include  Mirvish Productions The Lord of The Rings, Cirque Du Soleil, Ubisofts Splintercell, Nikita, Pompeii and Hannibal Season 2.